Walking Therapy

My inspiration for this service came from seeing how difficult it can be to access counselling if you have a small person (or more than one) in tow.  It might be that childcare is a challenge, or that your little one doesn't want to be away from you for too long.  Some people find it is possible to bring their baby along to a counselling session in room, for others that might not work.  If you find yourself in the latter group, this service could be for you.  We would meet in a local park (I currently work from Oldbury Court/Snuff Mills), we would walk around and do the normal work of counselling.  Being outside will also bring something valuable to the process, perhaps pausing to focus on a tree or cloud to aid in our mindfulness, or seeing metaphors around us, or feeling uplifted by the fresh air (or cleansed by the rain!).  Throughout we would hope that generally, baby/babies would be soothed and lulled by the gentle movement and looking around.  Of course, we will continue to be responsive to their needs, should they need a change or a feed, we will stop along the way. 

These sessions will last for 50 minutes and we will, on the whole, go ahead in most weathers.  Obviously lightning is no go!  I have a very generous umbrella and some spare waterproofs.  How we will manage with the changing seasons would be something for us to talk about when we first meet.  We would have an initial meeting to meet, for you to tell me about yourself and what brings you to counselling.  I would ask some questions to get an idea of what is going on for you and how we might work together.  There is no obligation to continue after this session if you decide we're not the right fit, walking therapy isn't for you or you don't want counselling just at the moment.  

Walking Therapy has many benefits and is open to anyone.  Perhaps the thought of moving while we talk appeals, or you would like to get more connected to nature.  If you are interested please do get in touch to discuss it.


Walking therapy: £40

Bristol Talking Therapies Rooms

3 Redcliffe Parade East



t: 07940 319144

e: info@georginaseymour.com

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